Mazara Al-Khayrat Company For Animal Feed

Mazara Al-Khayrat Company for Feed Manufacturing and Grain Milling is a privately held company belonging to the LipoMark Group formed to produce animal feed, and is headquartered in Zliten.

Through this plant, the company plans to supply the livestock sector with high-quality feed, and to be the source of supply for all poultry producers and livestock breeders.

The works of the factory are summarized in the production of fodder and the development of methods of feeding livestock in order to achieve maximum benefit in the field of feeding and providing fodder at competitive prices.

The goals of the company :

Mazara Al-Khayrat Company for Feed Industry and Grain Milling aims to satisfy its customers by achieving excellence in providing high-quality products from various sheep, cattle and poultry feed "meat and eggs".

Mazara Al-Khayrat Company for the manufacture of feed and grain milling to be a pioneer in this industry and to contribute to providing breeders and the Libyan market with their needs of various types of fodder and providing them to the Libyan breeder at the best prices.

Providing the best types of concentrated feeds at the lowest economic cost to advance the progress and economic development process, keep pace with the aspirations of the company's management vision and support its directions to preserve natural resources in line with the agricultural development strategy, food security requirements and the national water strategy through industrial investment.