About Libomark Group

Consists of a number of companies operating in various economic, commercial and industrial activities with a total capital of more than 100 million Libyan dinars, and it is a private investment group that falls under the private sector companies. It is headquartered in Tripoli, and it is among the companies licensed to carry out its economic, investment and commercial activities by the Ministry of Economy and Trade through its group of companies and the employment and investment of its funds in these activities at home and abroad by making partnerships with the corresponding companies and institutions in various ways and means for It has to benefit and achieve the returns and gains that ensure the diversification of sources of income in order to enable it to reach its goals and achieve its economic, commercial and investment goals in support of the national economy and to achieve the desired goals and aspirations to achieve through the management of the group of its subsidiaries and provide all the capabilities necessary for it to perform its tasks.

The vision of the Libomark Group is to become a pioneer in the field of its diversified activities to contribute to building a strong national economy by adopting promising investment policies aiming to achieve a real breakthrough in the field of investment and trade in order to reach the group's desired goals to have a distinct imprint and to be the hallmark in diversifying sources Income and the advancement of the sectors that fall within its interests to ensure the achievement of its investment targets.

The mission of the Libomark Group is summarized in its constant concern for the quality of the services it provides, and the satisfaction of its customers through the continuous development of its facilities and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of its various activities to achieve its economic and investment objectives in order to achieve growth and prosperity.