Fakhr Al-Binaa Company for Contracting and Real Estate Investment

Fakhr Al-Binaa Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company is one of the private sector companies, which belongs to the Lipomark Group, as it adopts the slogan of quality and perfection in implementing its real estate projects based on a technical and executive team with high technical capabilities and distinguished performance, working in perfect harmony within an administrative system compatible with international standards of quality and safety .

The company is proceeding with solid steps in the implementation of its expansion plans, through which it aspires to be one of the leading companies locally and internationally in its field of specialization. It has therefore resorted to generous investment in its human cadres in addition to providing all capabilities to support the company to achieve its motto of quality and perfection, as the company undertakes all construction, contracting and public works such as factories, buildings, hospitals, road works, facilities, airports and other design and engineering drawings entrusted to it. Or its requirements, mechanical and electrical works such as designing, implementing, constructing and designing pre-fabricated units, concrete and metal products, marketing and investing their funds in the field of land and real estate and in the building materials industries and undertaking the import and export of materials, gear, equipment and machinery necessary for their work and achieving their purposes.

The goals of the company :

The company aims to provide its services that include general contracting work to its clients with a high
level of quality that depends on the commitment of its employees to satisfy the customer permanently
and continuously and to provide a safe and sustainable service in economic ways that keep pace with
the latest technological developments in the implementation of its projects in order to achieve the desired
strategic goal of the company, which is to remain Fakhr Al-Binaa Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company is in the Sadara Center with the international standards it provides to its business and the services it provides to its clients, and aims specifically for the following:

   •  To become a leader in the contracting sector and the steady expansion of real estate and industrial investment      

       for   construction and building work.

   •  That the work it offers and the projects it carries out are elaborate and satisfying to its valued customers, and that
       quality and mastery are the basis on which the company’s reputation is based.

   •  Keeping pace with the country's economic development and the global development of the construction industry
       and real estate investment.

   •  The company's commitment to provide a high level of services and products in accordance with the gloss of
       quality and to gain customer confidence and satisfaction.

The company's service fields :

   •  General contracting and real estate investment.
   •   Executing and maintaining construction and building projects.
   •  Executing construction and paving of roads, sidewalks, bridges and bridges.
   •  Implementation and maintenance of roads and railway works.
   •  Implementation of electrical and lighting works.
   •  Extending water networks, sanitation works, and drilling related works.
   •  Carrying out all works related to all real estate investment activities.