The New National Company for importing food, livestock and meat

The New National Company for importing foodstuffs, livestock and meat, is a private Libyan company licensed by the competent authorities to import foodstuffs, livestock and meat from many permitted countries of the world.

The new patriotism is among the first companies to import sheep from Romania and Spain, which is characterized by high quality meat as a result of the organic nutrition it gets from European pastures in both countries, in addition to some Latin American countries. Several shipments of sheep and cows have been imported in many seasons and occasions, which have contributed to providing the needs of citizens, and have met the approval and acceptance of consumers in the Libyan markets in terms of quality and suitability of prices, as the national company is keen to subject imported sheep and cattle to strict medical examination and scrutiny under the management of a specialized veterinary team To ensure her safety from any diseases or epidemics.

The company is now working to develop its infrastructure for facilities and services to include its coverage in most regions of Libya with the aim of reaching the largest possible segment of traders and consumers, as among its distinguished activity is the import of foodstuffs and it has had a successful experience in supplying sugar, American almonds and many other consumer goods to meet consumer needs The ones are competitively priced.

The goals of the company:

The National Company for Importing Food, Livestock and Meat aims to provide and secure the Libyan market's needs of sheep and cows food, and to secure the Libyan consumer demands of fresh, chilled and frozen meat from many countries of high quality and at competitive prices affordable for everyone.

The National Company also seeks to import foodstuffs, livestock and meat to contribute effectively and ensure food security in Libya by developing this industry and enriching the Libyan market with many high-quality meat products and the accompanying other services and providing food commodities.

Our vision:

For the National Company for Importing Food, Livestock and Meat to be a pioneer in this industry and to contribute to providing the Libyan market with its needs of food commodities, livestock, fresh, chilled and frozen meats and to provide them to the Libyan consumer at the best prices.

Our mission :

Enriching the Libyan market and supplying it with the finest types of food and meat imported from all over the world and providing them to the consumer at competitive prices.

Our Values:

Commitment to meet the needs of the markets and consumers, and to secure high-quality food products, livestock and meat in terms of type, age, weight, nutrition and price, to contribute to supporting food security in Libya.