Al-Suhoul International Company for the manufacture of feed and grain milling

The International Suhoul Company for the manufacture of feed and grain milling was established in 2017, where the factory is located in Zliten and operates with a production capacity of about 600 tons per day of cattle and sheep feed, and poultry fodder "meat and eggs" in all varieties and according to Libyan and international quality specifications.

Future expansion plans :

In view of the success achieved by the company's products from various feeds, the good reputation the company enjoys with breeders and the great demand for its products, the management is conducting forward-looking studies and plans to develop the current plant and increase its production capacity, and to establish a new modern factory that keeps pace with the latest technologies and meets the increasing demand for the company's products From different feeds.

The goals of the company :

The company aims to provide distinguished feed products of high quality and with international specifications, maintain the highest levels of production capacity, and contribute to providing these necessary products for sheep cattle breeders as well as poultry breeders.

Manufacturing mechanism and control rooms :

All production processes are managed electronically and without any human intervention through the central control room programs with advanced technology in the field of the feed industry.

Production lines :