Jabal Alfalaksi Company for Oil and Gas Services

Jabal Al-Falaksi Company for Oil Services is a subsidiary of the Lipomark Group, a private company that is included in the private sector companies Established with a capital of 5,000,000.00 five million Libyan dinars; As it specializes in providing distinguished services to companies and public institutions in the field of oil and gas, as the company relies in its course of work on scientific and practical plans and with the management of qualified Libyan personnel. Which makes us proud of the excellent services we offer.

The goals of the company :

 The company aims to provide excellent services of high quality and maintain the highest levels of professional performance.

The company's service areas :

• Providing advisory services, providing studies, gathering and analyzing data.

• Preparing studies, technical designs, geophysical works, drilling, pumping and oil production works.

• Carrying out environmental surveys, cleaning oil tanks and warehouses, and providing related needs.

• Providing all kinds of oil and gas services .

• Carrying out maintenance work for oil wells, known as Work Over .

• Laying, drilling, leveling and backfilling works are carried out for lines and pipelines .

• Carrying out drilling for oil and water platforms and laying oil and gas pipelines.

• Carrying out welding works in all oil sites and facilities.

• Maintenance of lines, networks, platforms, and maintenance of installations and tanks.

• Carrying out mechanical, electrical and electronic installations and transferring equipment, machinery and materials
   between oil fields and ports.

• Establishing, maintaining and developing oil and gas fields, oil and gas terminals and oil platforms.

• Establishing fixed and mobile mechanical workshops specialized in the manufacture of spare parts and oil
   equipment such as devices, pipes, wellheads and shocks .

• Maintenance of pumps, valves, compressors, turbines and generators for the oil and gas sector and other
   equipment, according to international technical specifications.

• Preparing studies, technical designs, geophysical works, drilling, pumping and oil production works.

• Carrying out all necessary maintenance work for fields, refineries, petrochemical complexes, ports, and oil and gas

• Supplying equipment, devices and spare parts required for operating complexes, ports, and oil and gas.

• Supply of pipelines, oil equipment and gas equipment of all kinds, shapes and sizes used in the oil and gas.

• Carrying out business related to providing, renting and investing boats and oil and gas tankers and their derivatives
   and their requirements.

• Executing inspection and maintenance work for oil installations.

• Providing petroleum support services, including construction works, erection, installation and maintenance of

• Providing the supplies and supplies needed for oil and marine services and the supply of spare parts.

• Providing technical training, employment and employment services (local and expatriate) specialized in the oil and
   gas sector, drilling and other works, to enter into partnership agreements with local and international agencies and
   companies and represent them in Libya.

• Providing security and safety services for the assets of oil companies.

• Providing social services, insurance, and health care for workers in the oil sector.

• Providing catering services and provision of subsistence materials for workers at work sites.

• Providing the necessary services for housing workers, and establishing and equipping workers ’fixed and mobile
   headquarters at work sites.